ACORDIA Doing Business Better!

Business Education

Acordia provides relevant, practical business education that can be readily applied to increase the performance of member businesses.

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Ideas & Problem Solving

All businesses have ongoing problems that need to be solved. Equally, all businesses benefit from new ideas, inspiration and creative thinking.

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Strategy & Planning

Competitive markets often draw firms into strong tactical marketing, however without strategic development long term success can suffer and threaten survival.

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Acordia is a Round Table Business Alliance

Unlocking Capabilities within Business Owners & Key Executives

Whatever business you are in, you need to be or aiming to be in the top 20% in your market to gain full value from your business. Our coaching approach to personal development and business improvement supports our members in gaining insights both into themselves and their businesses that can transform their results.

With MBA level training, peer to peer learning through ongoing knowledge transfer between business owners and direct mentoring interventions, we facilitate increased personal and business success.

Additionally, our quarterly business planning workshops help you keep your business on target. Whilst working confidentially, you have access to a business planning specialist and you can tap into the insights and ideas of other knowledgeable business owners present in the room. Our business health check workshops also help you keep your business on track for success.

At the heart of the Acordia approach is collaboration. Acordia supports strategic partnerships and encourages members to engage in projects designed to give access to new resources and customer bases. Below, we answer five common questions asked by business owners or executives who wish to join Acordia.

How can I build my business faster?

Acordia is focused on equipping business owners and key executives in doing business better. Our knowledge driven approach is designed to give our members leadership and strategic tools that can be readily applied in their businesses every day to transform performance.

Even though I work with others in my business, why do I still feel isolated?

Whether you work on your own or with others, if you cannot confide in them or share your experiences, challenges or problems, you are likely to feel isolated. Acordia creates a congenial atmosphere where you will feel comfortable in discussing issues in confidence with like-minded others. You will find new perspectives on problems from those experiencing the same issues as you, and then work with them to find innovative and creative solutions. Getting out of isolation is one of the most prevalent, and indeed, important reasons why business owners in Northern Ireland engage with the advanced strategic approach of Acordia.

Can I get help to create a dynamic business plan to produce real results?

Given that 95% of firms which fail to produce adequate business plans are likely to go out of business within five years, a dynamic business planning process is an absolute essential for survival. Acordia ensures its members not only produce a dynamic business plan, but we also facilitate ongoing business health checks so you can make sure you achieve your business and personal goals.

How can I work smarter and up move to the next level?

Acordia use both coaching and mentoring to facilitate you in achieving your best. Our coaching approach supports self-discovery of existing capabilities, and our mentoring interventions can help you find better solutions to business problems that would otherwise block success.

How can I gain long term competitive advantage?

Competitive practices typically involve rapidly changing tactics between businesses such as, price changes and special offers. These tactics are however easily copied and are consequently not sustainable. The most sustainable competitive advantage comes from that which cannot be copied i.e. knowledge and skills. That which is inside our heads is not visible and therefore is not easily mimicked by others who cannot come up with their own ideas. Consequently, by using knowledge based strategies rather than short-term tactics, sustainable competitive advantage becomes possible. Acordia through its MBA level business improvement and marketing training, peer to peer knowledge transfer and strategic development, will facilitate you in developing, not only sustainable competitive advantage, but also sustainable profitability.