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Acordia is a Round Table Business Alliance

Unlocking Capabilities within Business Owners & Key Executives

Since 2013, the Acordia Business Alliance has created a dynamic and sustainable eco-system for business owners and key executives seeking to break through to the next level. Indeed, as research shows that business owners value above all, access to personal development, mentoring and informal, but regular business education, Acordia has developed an effective methodology to deliver on these vital needs. Keeping up to date and having back-up support through coaching and mentoring is now a critical power-house for business owners in leveraging success. Furthermore, for Acordia members, having access to the resources within an Advanced Business Alliance accelerates improved performance and growth.

Moving Towards the Top 20%

At all stages of our development, Acordia has been careful to accept members on the basis of their progressive approach to building their business. All current members of Acordia are either already in the top 20% of providers in their market, or pride themselves in working towards that goal. Our members want to be strategic in their actions as they see everything they do today as effecting their future personal and business outcomes and sustainability ongoing.

Group size

Acordia helps business owners who understand how the critical success factors we deliver on, are vital for underpinning their businesses. Through that understanding, they can gain significantly from the process. We therefore organise groups from between 6 and 12 members which is the critical mass of participants that can generate the most synergistic results from their engagement with each other. Additionally, business networking can be facilitated both within groups and across the network.

Overall, we attract members who can draw from the Acordia methodology, and who have the desire to rise to do business better in their market. If you are someone who can gain from the combined knowledge base within our groups so you can leverage better performance from your business, then you should contact us today.

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