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Having greater knowledge and skills than your competiitors is what sets you apart in the market, helps you retain customers and maintain sustainability. The Acordia Business Academy has therefore devised a range of courses that deal with critical elements that impact on your business. From business health check and business planning workshops, to marketing and digital stategy development, we provide opportunities for business owners to tap into the latest business thinking.

In particular, we offer our highly successful Mini Executive MBA programme which has been designed to give participants the skills and knowledge needed to keep their businesses at the cutting edge, without having to commit the time or financial outlay required for studying a full MBA programme. Please contact us to find out more about our training programmes, and you can see some of our latest programmes listed below:

Course Title
1 Understanding and Applying Critical Financial Information
2 Building a Market With Highly Effective Marketing Tools
3 Identifying and Applying Profitable Strategies
4 Building Personal and Professional Confidence
5 Transforming Your Entrepreneurial and Leadership Capabilities
6 Gaining More Through Strategic, People & Knowledge Management
7 Mini Executive MBA

Mini Executive MBA

The Acordia Mini Executive MBA is a professional development programme designed to provide participants with fast access to core MBA concepts and tools that can be easily applied to transform individuals and their business.

Each module has been designed to bring the latest in business, managerial and leadership thinking within access of SME business owners as well as larger corporate organisations.

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