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The latest Acordia Mini MBA Program incorporates 7 modules as shown above.
It has been designed specifically to support you, as we all
work together as business owners, to come out of the Covid-19 crisis
with real hope and a new vision for a successful future.
Perhaps now is the time for you to build further on your
personal strengths, and those of your business.
With support from our established platform and new learning from your Mini MBA,
you can be inspired to build an exciting future.

What is a Mini MBA?

A Mini MBA is a fast way to get access to core MBA principles that can transform your business knowledge, skills and overall capabilities.

Mini MBA programs vary in content, however the Acordia Mini MBA is focussed on SME development with emphasis on Strategy Analysis, Marketing, Business Growth and Increased Profitability.

Who Can Benefit?

A Mini MBA for anyone who wishes to move up to new levels of success. Those who can benefit most includes, corporate directors, SME owners, self-employed professionals and trades, aspiring entrepreneurs and key executives from both not for profit and for profit organisations.

Why a Mini MBA?

Whilst entrepreneurs are typically highly skilled in their profession or trade, they often have not engaged in honing their critical business skills that will make their business viable. The Mini MBA is the ideal vehicle for quickly closing any skills gaps, however, it is critical that their chosen program will deliver positive improvements in their business performance.

There are many types of Mini MBA offered by a wide variety of training services. Some are simply one day seminars and others are typically spread over a four or five day week.

Because of the short timeframe and intensity of delivery, these methods tend to be information led, and do not provide for guided application of learning in the participant’s business.

The Acordia Mini MBA

Specifically designed to utilize Zoom as a learning platform and enhanced by our own specially designed Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the Acordia Mini MBA is run over a three month period. With a low weekly time commitment, you have time to learn at a realistic pace and to apply your new skills progressively to your business. Indeed, beyond learning critical MBA principles, you will be guided on how to incorporate these in your everyday business practice.

So, by the end of program, by applying the methods you will learn, you can immediately benefit from having a stronger business.

Additionally, you will be engaged with the Acordia platform on a weekly bases to get your questions answered, as well as, gaining ongoing support on utilizing your new Mini MBA skills.

Our Unique Approach

The Acordia Mini MBA is delivered in two hour slots over three months to enable concurrent learning and application.

Using the specially developed Acordia Fusion methodology, you will learn core MBA principles and most importantly, apply these principles in your own business as part of the knowledge embedding process.

The Acordia Mini MBA has many unique features. Above all, our approach is based on our ‘Two Pillars of Business Success’ paradigm, so you discover the nature of the diverse elements necessary for business success. In particular, you will discover the full extent to which Business Competence is pivotal to maximising profitability. Consequently, our Mini MBA has been specifically designed to provide these competences though an easy to follow program with built-in support. This includes access to the learning materials and presentation videos on our specially designed VLE, which are available after each session. So you can review each session and internalise the concepts you have learned as you work to embed your new knowledge into your business.

Finally, research shows, that when peers enjoy social engagement, they build stronger professional relationships. So our program incorporates activities to support this, opening up networking opportunities, problem solving and generation of new ideas.

Dr Gerard A Prior PhD

The Acordia Mini MBA Opportunity

  • The Acordia Mini MBA incorporates a range of learning methodologies designed to make it easy to get engaged and to enable you to apply new learning to your business immediately and effectively.

  • You will also be able to interact with other businesses during the program as part of the Acordia Business Alliance weekly learning and engagement sessions so you can gain new connections.